Authentic Japanese Dining

Feast on delectable Japanese cuisine from Ru San’s Nashville. From classic sushi rolls to mouthwatering seafood meals, we have a wide selection of iconic Japanese dishes to choose from.

To serve a larger market of locals and tourists, we have also added flavorful burgers and a range of alcoholic beverages to our menu. In addition to great food, we accept reservations for our dining karaoke room on the second floor, which is perfect for private gatherings.

We have been serving good food in Nashville, Tennessee for more than 13 years. Just a few months ago, we moved to a new location. Check out our new place today!

Customer Reviews

We have been serving sumptuous Japanese dishes for years. Learn what people have been saying about the quality of our food and service:

“We enjoy sushi wherever we go from Florida to Maine and Montreal to Vancouver. The sushi selections were plentiful in addition to the presentation. The service was efficient which includes food and beverages. We enjoyed the spicy tuna and the tuna/salmon roll. We will definitely return!”

- 8/9/2016 Susan A

“Had a delicious old boy, which was like a peach Moscow mule, and a glass of wine during happy hour. They brought our dog a bowl of water and dinner of burgers was delicious. Be sure to try the spicy chili sauce. Will definitely be back.”

8/11/2016 AShleigh B

“Have made two trips in, one right after the new location opened and one a few weeks later and LOVED everything both times. It was an amazing date place and also amazing when we went through with a party of 9. It's all our group has talked about since we went. Can't wait to go back! Try the spiked milkshakes! (But anything you try will be excellent)”

7/22/2016 Trisha C

“I have been to sushi restaurants from California to Hawaii and this restaurant has some of the most flavorful Tuna, Rice, and rolls I have ever had. The food we ordered was so decadent that we had to take twice as long as we usually do to finish our meal!

The Tuna Symphony which we thought was merely an appetizer was nearly a meal in itself, featuring Tuna 5 ways, including one I've never seen anywhere with a raw quail egg and fish eggs which added the perfect level of rustic flavor with the buttery texture of the Tuna. 

Our food also came out so quick we had barely made a dent into our appetizer.

They also offered a plum sake chilled or hot which added a whole new dimension of sweet and tart when paired with the sushi.

From atmosphere to appetizer and food to friendly staff, this was a dining experience we won't soon forget.”

- 7/30/2016 Aaron K